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Start living life on your own terms!   ✨   Finally feel comfortable in your own skin!   ✨   Step into financial Abundance!

Encouraging women to stay curious, treat their bodies well & live the life they've always dreamed of!


Hello Friend!

I'm so glad you're here!

I'm Sarah Tyer; Holistic Health & Female Empowerment Coach, Manifestor & lover of all things spiritual and divine!  

Baseline Gravity was created out of my passion for empowering women to live their ABSOLUTE BEST LIVES! What started as a 1:1 Health Coaching Practice, has evolved into SO MUCH MORE!

Through my own personal growth and healing journey, as well as working with countless other women, I've identified various levels where women seem to get 'stuck' when it comes to living their most EXPANSIVE lives! An Expansive life is one where you're fully aligned with The Universe, feel incredible in your own skin, and almost effortlessly manifest ALL of your desires! 

When you align with an expansive lifestyle - the world opens up for you!  

Do you want to feel amazing in your own skin?

Make more $$$ than you ever imagined possible?

Release self doubt?

Find financial freedom?

Go after your dreams!? 

Live life on your own terms?

Strengthen your romantic love life 

Live a life that feels fulfilling!?

Love your body!?


You're in the right place!

✨ I teach women how to fall in love with themselves, step into their power and live their most expansive lives!

✨ Together we will re-program your subconscious mind to stop functioning within limiting beliefs!

✨  I will teach you to LOVE your body, and appreciate everything it does for you!


✨ We will create such a yummy aura around you that people/money/experiences/etc. can't help but be attracted to you!

✨ I KNOW anything is possible for YOU!

Flowers and Hand

Are you open to what's possible!?  

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Where will like take you next!? 

What are you waiting for? 

What SIGN or SIGNAL are you looking for to give you that PUSH to start living life on your own terms? 

To FINALLY find peace within yourself? 

To stop giving a flying frick what others think of you? 

The ego is going to present you with a LIST of reasons why ALL that you desire isn't possible for you. 

Your SUBCONSCIOUS mind is going to keep you held prisoner in your limiting beliefs. 

Your old habits and low vibrations are going to keep you stuck in the past, not enjoying the present and certainly not manifesting for the future. 

UNLESS you decide RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW that you're ready to change your narrative!

You're ready to step into your full potential, to fall so deeply in love with yourself that your life almost feels like a fairy tale. You're READY to receive abundantly and meet the Universe at its same co-creating frequency. 


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It's time to fall in love with your life!

I love you! 

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