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Man Oh Man I'm Living With a Man

It's about time that I start posting content here on a regular basis!

2020 - WHAT A YEAR!? What the heck happened there folks!?

Well from the way I see it, a lot of silver linings and opportunity for new growth. Absolutely there was plenty of sadness and tragedy, but if we really look, I think a lot of people can find mini-blessings that have come from what otherwise was a dumpster-fire of a year!!

For me, I had a bit more than a glimmer of magic, I got a whole darn magic show!! Not only did I take the time as an opportunity to go home and spend time with my family, but I also did a lot of deep self-work. Let me tell you - self work is usually not super easy breezy, and for me it certainly wasn't. But you know what, the reward FAR outweighed all the tears and heavy days. My light at the end of the tunnel can in the form of my now Partner GREG and our fluffy puffin Coby!

As fate would have it, Greg had also spent the beginning of last year working on himself. It was like the Universe watched both of our journeys and rewarded each of us with each other at the end of all the messy work.

I really never in a million years thought that I'd be closing out such an insane year with a MAN MOVING IN, but the Universe works in mysterious ways! Let me tell you...I KNOW I manifested this man. It's so true though, the Universe works on its own timeline, something that cannot be rushed.

So listen up LADIES - make sure you're being VERY specific when manifesting your partner! Second piece of advice - BE PATIENT! I hate to go along with cliche's but for me, it really did "happen when I least expected it!"

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