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Hi, I'm Sarah!


Baseline Gravity is about stepping into the most delicious version of YOU!! I'm talking about radical self-love baby!

Hi, I'm Sarah, and I'm here to take you on a WILD ride towards self discovery (that is if you'll let me). My personal journey has taken me down many different paths related to health, wellness & self-love ultimately culminating to my big AHAAAA moment! (More on that in a bit).


My whole life I've been fascinated with health & nutrition which ultimately led me to becoming a Certified Holistic Health Coach. I wanted to create a space where I could help other women struggling with finding their own baseline when it came to health, which is where Baseline Gravity was originally born

But all while coaching countless other women, I was still on my own journey when it came to self-love!


Sure I had nailed down the nutrition piece, but it wasn't until I did the TRUE inner work that I started to feel MAGNETIC in my own life. Having modeled at a young age, and always being the tall kid in class (I'm shy of 6'), I 'learned' from society that I was to take up less space (cue disordered eating patterns, body checking, insecurities in my own decision making, anxiety and even some depression sprinkled in here and there). 

Within a year of truly stepping into a place of HECK YEAH I LOVE MYSELF - things started to really turn in my favor, 'seemingly' out of nowhere. My bank account tripled, I met an incredible man (after YEARS of tireless dead-ended dating), and my businesses really started to thrive!

And the NOT so crazy part was that I was seeing similar results in my Health Coaching clients too!! Yes, they were coming to me for advice on how to live a more balanced life, but throughout the process they were learning that it was OK to LOVE THEMSELVES. It's crazy to think that we've been conditioned to be kind and love others, but it doesn't feel as intuitive to act that way inward FIRST!

I soon realized, although I have a wealth of knowledge and experience in health & nutrition, my TRUE passion lies in helping other women discover their OWN POWER!

Stay tuned as I have a course in the works! But only step up to the plate if you're ready to become a MAGNET to: Abundant income ($$$), fulfilling ROMANCE, Dreams falling into place...the list goes on! 

So glad you're here!!


I think you're wonderful! 

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