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Hi, I'm Sarah! 

✨ Expansive Life & Health Coach

✨ East Coaster living in LA

✨ Dog Mom

✨ Body-love advocate

✨ Multiple 6-figure business owner 


I tried my hardest, for years, to live life as I thought I "should."

Until one day I threw my hands in the air said F-it! It was when I started living life on my own terms that the real fun began.

I'll never look back! 

I'm here to help you build your dream life

Baseline Gravity is all about aligning with the most expansive version of yourself

Healing negative self-limiting beliefs, stepping into a lifestyle of self-love, manifesting wealth and co-creating your dream life!

I've expereinced first-hand the magic that happens when you combine self-love with a manifestation practice

Im here to take you on a wild ride

towards self-discovery!

 I teach women the power of self-love, and how to harness that energy into their greatest manifesting tool!


Having worked with countless women through my Holistic Health Coaching practice, I noticed that most women are holding themselves back by simply not clearing their limiting beliefs from the subconscious mind.​

I'm here to change all of that for you!

Baseline Gravity - and everything I teach - is an extension of myself. My life's journey has been a culmination of education, healing and growth. I'm so happy to be able to share all I've learned with you. 



Sometimes it's hard to believe that I used to struggle with my own self-image and self-love. Having committed to some massive self-transformation, I've seen first-hand what removing limiting beliefs can do for your life, dreams and manifestations.


Only a year ago I felt like I was 'stuck' making a 5 figure income and not feeling any sense of freedom in my personal or professional life. After committing to what I teach, I'm now a proud owner of two businesses making multiple 6 figures a year (5 figures are made in months, not years now for me)!

I'm so happy you're here!


If you'll let me, it would warm my hear to help YOU step into your most expansive lifestyle, and manifest all of your heart's desires with ease. 

I think you're wonderful! 

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