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Baseline Latte

Alright, I posted about this on Instagram recently and thought I'd share here as well!

I'm SUPER cautious about the coffee I'll drink.

In our household, I'll only allow organic coffee that has been extensively tested onto our shelves.

I personally prefer Bullet Proof because they are on top of making sure that their coffees are coming from clean sources. That means that their beans haven't been sprayed with pesticides and they are checking for molds! Did you know that mold is most likely lingering in your conventional coffee?? That's usually why you get that horrible crash later in the day - your body is having a chemical reaction to mold exposure (and is exhausted from fighting it off).

Sometimes coffee gets a bad rap, but unless you have a severe adrenal issue, I find in normal doses it can be beneficial! Coffee has been shown to reduce the risk of multiple types of cancer, can reduce inflammation, improves good cholesterol, improves blood. circulation and helps with memory retention. 1-2 cups a day of HIGH QUALITY Joe can do the body good!

I started using collagen back before collagen was trendy. I was working on healing my gut and read a bunch of literature on how collagen (and bone broth) can be great assistants for healing the lining of the intestines. That, and that it can help your hair grow faster and your nails grow stronger - I was in!!

I saw improvements in the rate at which my hair grew within the first two months of using it. I also feel I can credit the collagen (and bone broth) to helping to heal a myriad of gut issues I was dealing with.

One thing I noticed with the collagen, however, was that it made things extra frothy. Not so desirable for a smoothie (if you do want to add collagen to your smoothie, add it in last after the smoothie is done and take it for a quick spin in the blender. Too much agitation will leave you with a frothy smoothie that will cause gas and bloating in your system). But froth WAS something I was interested in having in a morning latte!

Enter my Baseline Latte!

This recipe is super easy, and a great way to add in some of your adaptogens and herbs if so desired! I'll often add my powdered mushrooms, or my maca to the froth. One thing you should know about Baseline in the kitchen...I don't normally measure things. I'll provide rough estimates in my recipes, but when it comes to cooking (not baking), it's really all based on personal preference in my opinion.


1 C HOT brewed organic coffee

2 scoops of collagen

splash of almond milk (or your choice on non-dairy milk)

ghee (optional - if you want your coffee to be more substantial - this can replace your breakfast)

stevia (optional)

mushrooms (optional)

Adaptogens (optional)

Brew your organic coffee (I prefer the pour-over method).

Pour 1/2 of your hot coffee into your mug & 1/2 into your blender (I like to use my magic bullet since it's smaller and you're dealing with a smaller quantity of liquid).

Into the blender add your collagen, splash of almond milk and any additional ingredients I listed as optional.

Blend until froth forms!

Pour over coffee in your mug.


I'm all about including health promoting ingredients into easy to make recipes.

Let me know in the comments if you try this one out.

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