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Grounding - You Gotta Do It!

When you think back to how you spent your days as a kid - were they filled with adventures outside, perhaps many times without any shoes on?

I know for me, as someone that grew up in New Hampshire, my Mom used to send us out the front door on weekends and after school, "Go play," she would say!

We spent all our time in our yard and in the woods. Little did we know how amazing that was for our little developing bodies!

Our bodies (or human space suits) CRAVE connection to the Earth. Especially in a day where we are surrounded by technology and find ourselves spending less time outside enjoying the fresh air.

As adults, we simply don't get outside as much as we used to. Spending our days behind a computer or working inside somewhere, it has become "normal" to not connect to the Earth on a regular basis!

But we NEED IT! Grounding is defined as connecting the body to the Earth's surface electrons. When we do this, an equilibrium is experienced and a sense of balance is restored in the body. The Earth's surface (grass, lakes, beaches, ocean, etc) naturally have a negative electrical charge. When you connect your skin to the physical Earth, any lingering electrical charges on your body (hello laptop, cell phones, cell towers, power lines, etc) are dissipated and an equilibrium is restored.

So, in a society of immediate gratification, you might be asking yourself - ok, but how will this benefit me?

There have been many studies done that have linked a consistent routine of grounding to lower stress levels, reduced cortisol, reduced inflammation in the body and improved sleep.

I can personally attest to the calming effect that grounding has on my own body. If you haven't tried it before, however, think about this...why is it that you always feel so calm after a day at the beach?


While you're sitting there reading your mystery novel and the kids are playing in the sand, everyone is benefitting from the healing effects of the Earth's surface!

A key piece here though is you MUST have your skin exposed to the surface, that's why most people prefer walking barefoot or laying at the beach with their feet buried in the sand.

So you might be reading this and think, shoot, I live in a city and it's really hard for me to get to a patch of grass to lay in. There's a company that I know and trust called Earthing, and they make some incredible products that you can incorporate into your home to ensure you're dissipating ions throughout the day.

If you try this out, let me know! I want to see how you're grounding yourself.

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