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Baseline Gravity was been born out of my passion for all things health and nutrition; (and using that passion to help others). This passion has fueled my curiosity for many years, and I’m so excited to finally share my knowledge and excitement with the world. My name is Sarah Tyer, I’m a Certified Holistic Health Coach and founder of Baseline Gravity. My love for all things health and nutrition started at a very young age. I like to call it my “health awakening.”

I was born and raised in New Hampshire on a very standard American Diet. My parents encouraged us to eat our fruits and vegetables, but by no means were they health nuts themselves. My curiosity about food and how it made me feel came about very organically. I’ll never forget sitting in the school cafeteria one day in 7th grade staring at my school lunch consisting of French bread pizza, milk and canned pears. Something inside me told me this wasn’t the kind of food I wanted to be putting into my body. Perhaps you could call this a ‘gut feeling,’ but for such a young person, I feel like it was definitely something more. I went home that day from school and told my Mom I no longer wanted to eat school lunches. We went to the store that evening to grab some groceries, and I never looked back. Getting creative with my meals became my hobby, and trips to Massachusetts to grab special ingredients from Whole Foods became the norm.

I continued to pack my lunches all the way through high school, and became the healthy chef at home; creating healthier alternatives to the foods my family loved (much to my brother’s dismay). Friends and family would turn to me for advice on healthy food alternatives and reading food labels, I even landed a job working in the local hospital’s dietetics’ nutrition department, assisting patients in ordering healthy, healing food choices. In the middle of my senior year of high school, however, my whole life changed. I had always been a high achieving student, and had a resume stacked with every sport and extra curricular under the sun. Never did I think I would not be headed to college right after I graduated. In the midst of touring colleges and sending in applications to schools including a full scholarship to a 4 year college in Massachusetts, a local agency approached me about modeling. It had never occurred to me that modeling was something I could pursue. Yes I’ve always been tall, but I never realized I could make a career out of it.

Things happened very quickly, and I soon found myself with multiple contract offers from agencies in New York City. Was I going to become a model? I couldn’t believe it! After MANY sleepless nights weighing the options between going to school and taking some time to pursue modeling, I decided to go for it. A modeling contract is not something that is offered to everyone, and I knew that school would always be there when I was ready to go back.

The day after I graduated high school, I moved to the the Big Apple all by myself. Moving to a big city at such a young age meant that I grew up fast, but my time working and traveling by myself helped shape me into the person I am today. Throughout this time, my love for health and wellness never waned, yet I did find myself working in an industry that placed a high amount of pressure on how you looked and how you fit into clothing. (And let’s be honest, being 6’ tall and wearing a size 0 is not the norm for most people).

Stress got the best of me, and I’m comfortable now admitting that there was a time when I became WAY too focused on what was going into my mouth. I wanted to stay healthy, yet I was missing out on living my life by becoming over-consumed with maintaining perfect nutrition 24/7. Let me tell you, this is not an enjoyable way to live! Although it wasn’t easy course, correcting my relationship with food, I’m happy to say I navigated the journey on my own and have developed a much healthier relationship with food and with my body.

I became certified as a Holistic Integrative Nutrition Health Coach because I wanted to be able to help others find their way back to a baseline of health. Whether they’re dealing with poor body image and restrictive eating or have fallen off the wagon and feel like they could be living a more fulfilling life, I wanted to be there as a support system and a body of knowledge to help navigate the mine field. Insert Baseline Gravity: Where authentic living in encouraged in order to get back to your own personal baseline of health and to a place where you feel the most grounded! I hope you’ll check back often as I continue to spread knowledge and awareness surrounding all things health and wellness. I’d also encourage you to reach out if you’re curious about working with me. It would be my absolute pleasure to e-meet you and develop a plan to get you back to feeling like a million bucks!

Big hugs and positive energy,


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