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✨222 Energy portal✨

The Veil is thin today!

Today is February 2, 2/22, which means we have encountered an Energy Portal where the veil between dimensions is extra thin.

What does this mean for you!?

It means that today (and the next few days) your manifestations will be actualizing at a much faster rate!

Who wouldn't love that?

Now always remember, when manifesting, you have to be prepared to set an intention and then get out of the way of the 'how' it comes into being. But manifesting in flow with the Universe and the portals open to us is a major win-win all around!

Check in on your "I am" statements today (and over the next few days) - what have you been declaring as your truth? If it's anything other than an amazing, positive, uplifting story line...I need you to do a little work. You see - even if 'technically' speaking your life is in the pits, you're out of shape, your love life is garbage - you still need to show up and think as if none of that is true. Research has proven that we can actually THINK our way into that reality! Seriously - it's true. Your brain & the Universe don't know the difference between a thought and reality! They only respond to vibrations.

I've put the 'think' and 'act' your way into a new reality idea to the test when I was dealing with chronic pain a few years ago. I made up my mind to no longer call what I was experiencing 'pain' and found different more positive ways to talk and think about how I was feeling. I rewired and reframed the way my brain understood what I was experiencing and what do you know - with time the pain started to ease and eventually went away!

But back to your manifestations in line with this open 222 portal. This portal is a really beautiful portal that is all about aligning with your true calling and your most aligned self. The number 2 represents duality, balance, union, harmony, partnership and compromise. This portal can intensify anything to do partnerships (what's working and what isn't), it can shed an extra light on compassion and love for yourself and cultivating change from an honest place as well as finding inner balance. Get really honest with yourself during this time, and make sure you're calling the future version of yourself that really is aligned with your highest good.

Additionally - something else that is really interesting about this portal is that it's opening during the active energy of the Super New Moon that we recently experienced. I share this because the energies of the Universe are extremely amplified right now, so if you find yourself feeling 'off,' experiencing headaches or stomach aches or are extra thirsty, take the time to honor your body and know that you're living through a time of great transformation!

As always, sending you Love and Light!



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