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Full moon and lunar eclipse | May 5, 2023

Can you already feel it!?

We've already been feeling Mercury retrograde since April 21st (and will until May 14th), but another big celestial event is on the horizon! Tomorrow night we will be experiencing both a Flower Moon (Full Moon) as well as a Lunar Eclipse.

Full moons are typically a time to feel gratitude for all you've accomplished as well as a time that marks endings or something coming to completion. It is a time to welcome closure and release what is no longer serving you (and certainly not the time you want to be jumping into something new). This Full Flower Moon happens to be in Scorpio, and in conjunction with the Lunar Eclipse (the final eclipse in Scorpio), the theme of endings, death of the old and rebirth of the new is super strong!

Scorpio energy is INTENSE - so buckle up my friends, because you're most likely going to experience things in black and white (with no shades of gray). This time will really shed a light on what is no longer working for you, chapters will end but you can experience major breakthroughs as well! Don't be surprised if this time ushers in the ending of toxic relationships as well as old traumas being reactivated. The gift of this energy and time (while it might all feel very extreme) is to create space for you to really notice and recognize the parts of your life that truly aren't serving your growth and expansion any longer.

Be prepared for some deep inner work as well (that is if you're open to it). This time could dig up old secrets, fears and traumas from your past and shed a big 'ole light on them. This isn't meant to hurt you, but rather to be viewed as a gift! There's no reason to be storing these things inside of you any longer. Use this resurfacing as a nudge to release these energies and ideas. We all know that when we have old 'crud' sitting around in our subconscious mind and energy body, it truly limits us from reaching our full potential. During this time I encourage you to journal, journal, journal!!! If you really want to feel some full-circle completion with these thoughts/ideas/energies/insecurities that are no longer serving you - rip those pages from your journal and burn them (but please keep fire safety in mind here) while repeating the mantra: Thank you for the lesson, but this (secret, thought, experience, trauma, idea, etc) is no longer mine. I am filled with white light and love.

There could be an element of sadness or grief woven throughout this time because we are releasing, old patterns/beliefs are dying and we're entering a new stage of life. Sit with your feelings and let them flow as they come up. There's nothing worse than stuffing emotions down - when we do that we will only have to deal with/process them at a later date and time. And no one truly wants to be carrying around extra weighted energy - it will only hold you back in the long run.

I do love that this Full Moon is coupled with the Lunar Eclipse, because a Lunar Eclipse is feminine in nature and energy. The feminine welcomes us to nurture and care for ourselves, so while this could be a time that feels a bit chaotic and overwhelming, the natural energy and nature of the coupled eclipse will encourage a softer side of you to shine through. Honor your feminine (all people have a masculine and feminine side - so this is not just for the ladies out there), draw yourself a bath, spend some time in nature, do some breath work, book a massage. Do whatever it is for you that feels comforting and like you're honoring yourself.

Your intuition is going to be SUPER sharp in these upcoming days, so don't doubt the messages you are receiving! The veils between dimensions is thin during this time, so it's a wonderful opportunity to connect with both your higher-self and your spirit guides! I promise they both have great messages to share.

You might have trouble sleeping tomorrow night and the nights to follow - this is completely normal! I love to listen to Binural Beats specifically for sleep when my brain is experiencing too much activity (especially when something is happening in the realms above us). It's also super helpful to keep a sleep mask next to your bed if you don't have a completely dark sleeping environment. And like any other night - leave your tech devices outside of the bedroom. The less EMF activity to keep your system active the better.

Remember - this is a super transformative time, so even if things feel a bit chaotic, it's all happening for your highest good! Trust what comes to the surface. A mindset, a relationship, an insecurity, a fear - you will know what it is and trust that it is time to let it go. This time is truly revealing what is holding you back and is welcoming you to make a shift so that you can catapult forward! If you find that you are personally more sensitive to energies around you - plan a weekend free of plans. Take time to be with yourself, your thoughts and whatever might come up for you during this time. Journal, meditate, get out in nature, dry brush, take a mineral-rich bath, move your body and get some sunlight - these will all help your physical body process the energetic chaos around you.

Sending you love, light and strength as you move through the next few days!



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