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Raise your hand if you're tired of playing small! 🤚

Since when did the norm become playing small?

Why is it that society expects us to shrink ourselves and our personalities to fit into boxes that seem to have appeared out of nowhere? Who made those boxes anyway?

How have we given up our power so easily!?

I've been tall my entire life, and I've always had a big personality - so as far back as I can remember - society has told me to take up less space. Not be so expansive. To get back into my box.

For the longest time I resisted it, because as my younger self, I had yet to let society get to me. I was a BIG personality and never apologized for my presence or my opinions.

Then I started to grow up - and I learned the ways of the world. As a women, I'm expected to not have such a strong voice, or such a presence in physical form (my height). So I learned to retract my energy to a certain extent, and shrunk my body the only way I knew how - by getting smaller.

I am so grateful for having had those experiences, however, because my healing and my come-back only felt THAT MUCH JUCIER!!

Ladies - you are PERFECT just the way you are!!

Please don't shrink your physical or spiritual being to fit some sort of societal norm! Of course - if shrinking your physical form (or losing weight) is something that will benefit you from a health perspective, I'm here to support you ten-fold! In fact - living an expansive lifestyle does include treating your body well by nourishing and taking care of it properly. So please don't confuse or cross wires on my message here. I want you to feel as AMAZING as humanly possible!

I truly believe that going through the full cycle, for me, was completely necessary to experience both sides of the coin. And let me tell you, the EXPANSIVE side is a whole lot yummier!!

An atom is made up of 99% energy, which means it's only 1% physical matter...WHAT!? 🤯

This means that the 3D world we're living in is mostly just a facade. Sure we interpret reality as being on a physical plane, but honey, we're mostly just ENERGY!!!

So stop shrinking your BEING in order to fit some sort of mold (that doesn't really exist/matter). When you pull back the curtains on this thing called life, you'll realize that there is SO MUCH MORE meaning behind your Earth journey. (And shrinking your aura is not one of them!)

STOP playing small - STOP making yourself small - STOP dulling your vibe just to make someone else feel comfortable.

This is YOUR ride - and you're the captain of this ship. Are you going to steer it down the boring river, or are you going to take it on the adventure that your wildest imagination dreams up!? Because if you ask me - the crazy fun adventure sounds like the kind of mark I'd like to leave in the history books!!

I hope this message reaches the right people today - the ones that are looking for that sign that it is ok just to be themselves. It's ok to accept and love yourself. It's ok if you're not like everyone else! Because the world would be SO boring if we all decided to be exact replicas of each other - what a SNOOZE fest!

Sending you all of my love and white light energy!



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