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What is an expansive lifestyle!?

I'm sure you've seen my content and thought, but Sarah - WHAT IS AN EXPANSIVE LIFESTYLE!?

Let me tell you - a few years ago I would have been asking the same thing.

Because honestly, in my own life, I always felt like I had the tools, but SOMETHING was missing from catapulting me forward.

I was a hard worker, smart, successful, ate clean, worked out, practiced self-care...but there was still something... missing!

I hadn't fully leaned into SELF LOVE.

Self love means treating yourself like you would your best friend; with compassion, grace, encouragement and a gentle feminine energy.

I would PUSH myself hard at work and workouts, restrict certain foods because they weren't 'healthy enough,' beat myself up for making mistakes and my body image was honestly pretty wack!

My own self-love journey started a few years ago and honestly, things REALLY started falling into place when I fully committed, and loving myself first and foremost became second nature. My bank account expanded (like never before), I finally found myself in a rich & meaningful romantic relationship, incredible opportunities started presenting themselves at a rate I had never experienced before. Honestly, the best way to describe it was that I started to become MAGNETIC.

The Universe started sending me EVERYTHING I had previously been working SO DAMN HARD for, but this time, it just felt like a natural flow. There was no GRINDING or PUSHING for things to start falling into place. As I became EXPANSIVE, the Universe started to match my energy and provide at a level I had NEVER EXPERIENCED BEFORE.

Now I'm always honest with you guys...this does not mean my life is "PERFECT," by any means, because perfect does not exist. But it does mean that as I stoped wasting precious energy on being less than kind to myself and more energy on feeling incredible in my own being and my own skin I really started to see pretty powerful results!

And this isn't a one and done scenario!!

I became a Holistic Health Coach and Nutritionist because I grew up with a PASSION for nutrition and wellness. At a very young age I really became in-tune with my body as a vehicle, and honestly wanted to treat it like a Lambo rather than a golf cart. And I wanted to teach others that same type of lifestyle. I couldn't help but be appalled by how society had made humans (especially woman) SO confused as to how to treat their vessels right. And then Holistic Health started to become trendy, which was exciting, but that came with an even BIGGER tidal wave of information and misinformation about how to life a fulfilling life (especially in the nourishment department).

So I started working with clients and very soon realized my calling was WOMEN. As a woman, and a woman who understands the struggles that women face, I wanted to help as many women as I could. Through my course of work, however, I started to really realize that YES women needed my help in the nourishment department but food was the surface level need. What was EVEN greater and more profound was that our society (as women) has somehow been taught the OPPOSITE of self-love and self-compassion.

We've been taught to actively find things that are wrong with our bodies, adopt self-deprecating humor, to shrink and stay small, to rely 'on a man' for our finances, the list goes on. (The other pretty upsetting fact is that we've been conditioned to feel like we're pitted against each other, but more on that another time). So as I was working with women 1:1, YES we would cover health and nutrition, but the real magic started to happen when we went deeper. When we started to uncover what self-love and self-compassion looked like and meant to THEM!

When you love yourself and you believe in yourself - that is where the 'miracles' happen.

When my clients really dedicate themselves to their self-love journeys, that extra 10 lbs that they have been trying to lose sees itself out the door with ease. Or perhaps they put on a few healthy pounds but they've become SO comfortable in their own skin that it is no longer something the previously would have been extremely distressing. I've had clients "finally" fall in love (with a romantic partner), I've had client's with businesses that were previously struggling start to SOAR, and I've seen a GREAT amount of abundance come into women's lives 💰!!!

This is when I realized what an EXPANSIVE life looks like from a Baseline Gravity perspective.

So YES there are SO many pieces to the puzzle, but at the absolute core is SELF-LOVE and EXPANSION. Being open to the idea that you actually hold ALL the power that is either going to catapult you forward to hold you back, is honestly the secret to it all!

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